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Meditoxin Testimony from Director


Testimonial from the director of Renewme Jamsil branch. 

I was always worried about my calves, especially every time I wore a skirt. I was self-conscious about the way everyone would see my legs. This summer, I consulted Dr. Yong about receiving the Meditoxin procedure for my legs, after which here recommended 200 units. 


These are my legs, before and after. You can see I had rather wide calves, but after 2 weeks of Meditoxin my legs slimmed down. I was told that the Meditoxin does not reduce the size of the calf muscle, but instead relaxes it so it no longer contracts.

The best thing about this procedure is that I can walk as soon as it is finished.

The injection only takes about 30 minutes, so I can take it during my break and return to work without any recovery time. Now I'm confident about my legs after Meditoxin. I feel like now no one will look at my legs when I wear a skirt or shorts.