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Cold treatment for fat reduction


I was concerning about my abdominal obesity recently

After age of 30, I gain weight with workers dinning and lack of exercise

so I decide to search for obesity clinics. Most of clinics are surgical clinics

and I am afraid of surgery therefore I search for non-surgical obesity clinic


After search, I saw Renewme Skin Clinic obesity programs at internet

Its a non-surgical treatment for fat reduction!!

I called and made an appointment for consulting

Renewme Seocho Clinic was easy to find. I saw clinic sign at the subway gate

Doctor said this Cryo is non-surgical and only takes 1 hour for procedure


Doctor was design for procedure area

After design, He applied gel and pad on my abdominal area and Cryo equipment suck in

my abdominal area with force. I felt cold ice was applied to abdominal area.


This is picture of my abdominal area after one hour of procedure.It looks red, but redness disappear

I was surfing internet with my Ipad during procedure time and I was comfortable


After 2weeks of procedure, I feel like my abdominal area is reduce little bit

Doctor said I need to exercise with the Cryo procedure for better effect for fat reduction

and after one month I can see visual curve reduction for my abdominal

Since today, I received 2 procedures and I am satisfied with result so far. I will update my reviews after I finish programs