Ultra V,Twister,Midas lifting


  • All the benefits and effects of the Ultra V Lift,
    Tornado V Lift, and Midas Lift combined!
Blue Rose
V Lift
V Lift

Applicable Areas

  • Ultra V Lift (regular thread)

    Full face + Arneb laser

  • Tornado V Lift (twisted thread)

    Full face + Arneb laser

  • Midas Lift (cog thread)

    Full face + Arneb laser

  • Blue Rose Lift (360º Spiral Molded Cog)

    Full face

Triple effects: wrinkle removal,
skin elasticity, skin tone

30-minute procedure,
fast recovery

Cog threads used to effectively
pull up targeted area

Harmless medical melting
threads (PDO)

Features of
the Midas Lift:

Why is the Midas Lift best for a V-line?
The answer is Cog PDO medical thread!

  • Cog PDO (Polydioxanne) thread is an upgraded version of the prior PDO
    thread. Small thorns (cogs) are attached to the thread, which hook onto
    the SMAS layer’s fiber walls when inserted in the opposite direction of
    sagging skin. This provides the thread extra traction and holds place
    more securely.
    Cog PDO has been approved by the KFDA, and works
    by pulling the sagging hyperderma upwards. Targeted areas also regenerate fibrous protein
    and trigger fibrosis, providing more elasticity to the skin.

Thread Lift Procedures

Regular Thread Lift Tornado Lift Midas Lift Blue Rose Lift
Thread Type Straight Twisted Cogged 360' Spiral Molded Cog
Effects Instant Instant Instant Instant
Durability 6 months ~ 1 year 2 years + 2 years + 2 years +

Real Patient Photos


Before and after photo(s)on the website represent outcomes of individual patients.
As each patient is different, the results may vary by individual.
Content is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.

Facelift Effects

  • Approved by the KFDA as the interbody
  • fusible thread of highest grade,
  • PDO (Polydioxanne) threads enter the
  • dermia to stimulate cell regrowth and
  • fibrous protein formation, resulting in facial lifting,
  • whitening, and cellulite improvement.

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