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Patient Filler procedure review


Amber from Hong Kong received the under-eye filler.

She was satisfied with her results and emailed us a thank you:

I am happy with the results though I know they won't be as good compared to an operation. But I'm really happy. I was starting to feel a little distressed before.  hopefully people will now stop thinking that I'm tired.  :-)

I was showing the before and after photos to my friends and family yesterday. They had no idea I was going to do this but they were all really impressed by the difference. Hope you guys have a good year too! I didn't get to see Dr Ha again so could you please help me to thank her? i am really really grateful for all that she has done. :-)


This is picture of me before procedure, dark circle make me look tired

and picture on the right is after procedure dark circle is clearly removed

I am satisfied with the result and I look younger and more refreshed ^^ all my friends say I dont look

tied anymore. My best consideration was receive a procedure in Korea. Because It was my first time

visiting Korea and I want  to find good clinic and experienced doctor for my procedure.

I searched internet and I saw Renewme Clinic website, so I ask questions at the website,

also I use Line application for realtime consulting. Consultant was kind and answer

all my questions. She send informations about Korea tour and famous restaurants for me

I thank her agan for kindness. If I have a chance to visit Korea again, I will bring little present for her ^^


Filler procedure only takes 30 min. I just feel little sting and no pain after that